Celebrations Dates Board
Celebrations Dates Board

Celebrations Dates Board

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 Our special dates signs come in 6 different options. You can personalize as needed adding your family name above the main title, or you can leave the main board as shown in the main photo.

Each board can come with either blank wood discs 1.25" in diameter that you can add names to at home, or have engraved by us. Silver 1-inch S-hooks are provided as well.

The boards are laser engraved in our shop, but each piece will have a little different coloring to it from the laser markings as well as grains in each piece of wood used. They have a beautifully organic style to them and make great gifts for large families!

  • Details:

  • These signs are made from 1/8" baltic birch wood and measure 17x7" in size.
Personalization: If you do not want to personalize your sign above the title, you can write (none) or N/A in the personalization section and it will be left blank. 
  • Note: It is best to try different styles of pens on the backside of the disc to see how the wood will show it. We found that a ballpoint pen worked the best over a sharpie style marker as those tended to spread out a little.

  • Please leave a note at checkout of the last name and names/birthdays needed. They will be engraved with the Name along with the birthdate underneath (for example: Cade ...1/1)