Product Care


  • Depending on the type of metal, each piece may need a little different care. All jewelry will last longer when kept dry and away from lotions and perfumes.
  • Plated pieces can eventually tarnish with time as they only have a coating over a brass or copper base metal, creating a patina look.
  • Keepsake metals such as sterling silver or gold fill are a wonderful alternative to 24k gold since they will last forever, but offer more affordability. Gold filled pieces contain 100 times more gold than plated pieces do. 
  • Aluminum, brass, and copper are used in some of our cuff bracelets.
  • Aluminum is a hypoallergenic and lightweight option at a more affordable cost than sterling silver. Not tarnishing is its best quality.
  • Brass and copper are sturdy metals that offer affordability as well. These will develop a patina with time as well, but can be polished back to the original shine.
  • Copper can also offer joint relief, but can react normally with acidic skin and leave a green residue when it oxidizes. Each persons skin will vary. To keep this from happening, you can apply a think coat of clear nail polish on the underside of the cuff.
  • All keepsake metals along with brass and copper will come with a small white polishing pad, but any jewelry polishing cloth will help bring it back to its original shine.
  • As with any metal, they can scratch when coming into contact with something sharp enough.

Cutting Boards

  • Most of our cutting board products are bamboo, but limited finds may be rubberwood or mango wood. All are 100% natural and will be coated with mineral oil before shipping. 
  • Washing with soap and water is all that is recommended to keep these clean after use. Reapplying oil regularly can keep it looking like new as well.
  • The best way to preserve your customized piece is to use the reverse side for any food prep or cutting.