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About Us

Who We Are...

Our shop consists of mostly me for the time being, but is growing every year. "I" am Michell, I stay at home in southern California raising our two little gingers (hence the name), and absolutely love what I do creating personalized jewelry every day!

We started out as a small shop on Etsy and we have grown exponentially since 2012, joining more homes and hearts every year. 
Our beginning came with hand stamped pieces and we have recently moved into the engraving field as well which is an exciting, but steep learning curve! 

Our main selling line is jewelry, but we are always adding new things that fit a wide variety of tastes, styles, and purposes. I love mixing different mediums with metal and leather especially, but bringing more shine to my pieces with the crystal pave beads and the textured cuffs is becoming a fast favorite. 

Social media seems to move faster than the speed of light, but if you would like to follow along, we try to offer special discount codes, flash sales, and deals on our accounts!...
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Since this website is still being updated, please check back for more new items as they will be up very soon!

Any questions can be emailed to

We hope you find something you love!